Midge and Tick Products

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Highlander Midge Micro Head Net One Size Olive
Highlander Midge Micro Head Net One Size Olive This head net is just the job for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors, but hates flying insects.         …
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Smidge Repellent 75ml
Smidge Repellent 75ml Smidge is for all-weather adventurers who want to get out there without being eaten alive. It's as gutsy, tough, dependable and practical as the t…
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Care Plus Tick Remover
Care Plus Tick Remover With the Care Plus® Tick - remover, a tick can be removed easily and safely. The special gripping head ensures that the tick is grabbed …
O'Tom Tick Twister (Blister 2 Pack)
O'Tom Tick Twister (Blister 2 Pack) Ticks are blood-sucking parasites which feed on all manner of wildlife, livestock, domestic pets and humans. They are responsible for the transmission…
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Highlander Mosquito Coils
Highlander Mosquito Coils When lit, the coils give off a wisp of smoke that is very effective for keeping mosquito's and other flying insects at bay. Essential for camp…
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Jungle Formula Outdoor & Camping Pump Spray
Jungle Formula Outdoor & Camping Pump Spray The Jungle Formula Insect Repellent is an easy to apply pump spray, giving protection from midges, wasps, mosquitoes, bees, and horseflies. The -3 i…
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Bug Soother - Insect Repellent
Bug Soother - Insect Repellent Soothe those nasty gnats and mosquitoes, naturally. Bug Soother is a great way to soothe those nasty bugs and enjoy your summer. A blend of vanilla a…
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